Hi, I am Amelia. 18 years young. This page I have is all for my photography. From instagram. To my canon rebel T3i. I want to try aand up date this daily or one a week. Follow my personal tumblr as Well miarennie.tumblr.com


Today I got my third job offer. Gonna do some dog photos gonna be really cool cause I love animals :)

Hey thought I would share that my lap top.is down.so I haven’t been able to make any up dates. I’m really to everyone who enjoys my work. If you want to keep in touch with me follow my personal blog amilliamilliia.tumblr.com

And thank you everyone why has be so supportive with my work. You are al amazing with the reblog and such.

great news :)

Hey everyone, so i have just did my first wedding shoot ever. i was Really  crazy trying to get every single moment from the bride getting ready till the moment they kissed. I am proud to say I have been offered another wedding shoot. My photography is gonna get out there and its gonna be big :)